February 01, 2011

One picture a day

As a student of photography, I received the following challenging assignment : “take one picture every day. This  project covers the next ‘x’ days, minimum 9, preferably more…. If you happen to have no inspiration on one particular day, you show a black spot for that day.”
While I kept wondering what the purpose of the black spot could possibly be….- indeed, why not just ‘nothing’ for those inspire-less days- I decided never to leave home again without my camera!  My home is Brussels, Belgium
Unexpected sunshine took me to Sint-Pieters-Leeuw,  a town located South of Brussels.

Looking at the gothic church of Saint-Pieter,  from the wrong side, you see what you find in many Belgian towns, an assortment of built-outs, shacks, garbage and unused bathtubs.
To do this beautiful town justice, however, a few hundred meters further lies Coloma park, with its castle and lovely rose garden.Coloma castle, which housed a boarding school until the 1970’s is today the home of a cutural center where seminars, language courses and exhibitions are given in an exquisite decor.

Icy sunny waters surrounding Coloma castle.

On the way to the  parochial center

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