March 01, 2011

Bookstore "Oorlog en Vrede" in Damme

The quaint old town of Damme with its small white houses, canals and windmill is located near Bruges, the Belgian coast and the border with the Netherlands. Damme is famous for its legends and its gastronomy, and more recently the town has gained a reputation as the place to be for book lovers.

Follow the sign “Oorlog en Vrede” - War and Peace -  and at the end of the Burgstraat you reach a charming second hand bookstore. Its owner is as much a part of the decor as the books themselves, which cover the most diverse subjects - World Ward II, cookbooks, Free Masonry, Fashion, Art, Tarot and Astrology…


  1. Love the photos in this post. Damme is such a quaint town too. I've had several dinners there. Fab! :-)

  2. Great photos!
    Nice atmosphere.