March 31, 2011

Victor Horta Hall - Bozar

In my March 15 posting "Uptown to Downtown" I mentioned Bozar, housed in the Palais des Beaux Arts, home to music, art exhibitions, theater and much more. It is an important center in the cultural life of the capital.  Built in the 1920's in the art deco period, it was designed by the famous architect 
Victor Horta, who was commissioned to design a building that would make art accessible to the public.  One of the challenges he faced was that the building could not block the view from the Royal Palace to the lower city, so much of it is underground. In the first photo is the main hall with its wonderful sky light.  At the back of the hall, shown in the second photo, is the magnificent staircase that leads visitors to the exhibitions.  Bozar is hosting a major Luc Tuymans retrospective until May 8.