June 03, 2011

Belgian Magnum photographers

As announced in my previous post, here are pictures of three of the four Belgian Magnum photographers. They engaged in an interesting exchange of ideas on documentary photography and the life and travails of belonging to the elite group of Magnum photographers.  The discussion was moderated by journalist Jef Lambrecht (photo 1), book signing by John Vink and Harry Gruyaert (photo 2) and Carl De Keyzer, shown here being filmed (photo 3).


  1. I confirm: the event was great, with a very interesting discussion. Baseline was: there were never so many good photographers, but it is very difficult to make a living of photography

  2. J'imagine que cela a été très intéressant...
    Bon week-end ,


  3. Yes they are well known and good, must have been an interesting meeting.

  4. cette exposition est-elle encore visible à Gand ?

    Tu as un blog photo passionnant, j'aime beaucoup !!! vraiment !

  5. Bedankt Jeroen en Biebkriebels

    Grand Merci, Pierre

    Jacques, j apprécie beaucoup ton commentaire, ça me fait grand plaisir, oui l'expo est visible jusqu'en septembre, voici l 'info :
    01/06 > 04/09/2011

    Museum Dr. Guislain
    J. Guislainstraat 43
    9000 Gent
    T. +32 9 216 35 95
    F. +32 9 216 35 35

  6. I would love to hear these men discuss their photography. Lucky you!

  7. What a fantastic meeting that would have been. I am in awe of the Magnum photographers, would have loved to be at that meeting. Great photos to record the event.

  8. Yes Virginia and Perth Daily Photo, I consider myself lucky.
    The Belgian Magnum men (since the only lady Martine Franck could not make it that night.. unfortunately) were interesting, entertaining but also super nice, and easy to talk to real human beings.