June 21, 2011

Chapel and windmill

If you drive from Brussels to the Belgian coast on a weekend when the weather is nice, the chances are great that shortly before Ghent you will be stuck in traffic and will be much better off leaving the highway and trying to find an alternative to waiting in a queue. On the secondary roads you pass through towns like Eeklo where the chapel will grab your attention because of the statues on its façade. 

The chapel, inaugurated in 1900, is an example of regional neo-gothic. It is situated accross the street from a cimetry. The three statues are archangel Michael and two angels with trumpets.

Just a little bit further this magnificent stone windmill catches the eye.


  1. Absolutely worhtwile visiting the 'Meetjesland'.
    The landscape north of Eeklo (Bassevelde, St Margriete, Bentille - alongside the border with Holland) is one of the nicest of the country, because of the creeks.
    Visit the area by bike and it will make you happy!

  2. For my money, the byways are always more interesting than the highways. Great photos!

  3. Love your photos! Wish I could have gotten to Belgium while I was living in Europe! Your posts are the next best thing! Have a great week!


  4. Jeroen, you are privileged to live so close by.

    Lynette, how right you are but often we are in such a hurry that we forget that part of the fun is in traveling to get to the place of destination.

    Sylvia, that is a compliment ! I am glad that you enjoy visiting Belgium virtually.

  5. I agree with Lynette...the less traveled roads offer the best look at the countryside.

  6. Your photos truly transport me there, a place I have never been... must come for the windmills and the moules-frites!


  7. Ciao Anni, la coreografia che l'Arcangelo Michele forma sulla cappella è molto bella e il mulino è meraviglioso!

  8. Bonjour Anni !
    Je ne connais pas bien la belgique, sauf par l'intermédiaire de la télévision peut-être.
    Nous en traversons une partie q lorsqu'on se rend dans le nord de l'Allemagne.
    Nous avons fait une approche de Bruxelles une nuit alors que nous nous étions trompé de route.
    Moi, enfant, je suis allée faire un tour à Ypres? j'étais en vacances dans le Nord.
    La chapelle est très jolie et je suis assez fan des moulins à voile si je puis dire et à eau. Il y a un ancien moulin ici, dans le village.
    A bientôt !les

  9. Intéressante la façade de cette église,
    J'aime beaucoup la Belgique...