July 07, 2011

Colorful 80 something

I believe she said that her age was 86 ... in any event it is 80 something. In Brussels, these colors look rather unusual, striking. I therefore did what I often like to do: ask permission, ask questions trying not to be impolite or nosy or rude and take a picture ... just one, and hope that it will turn out right. 
The lady in the picture is originally from Hungary but she has travelled and lived all over the world. Her favorite places are Argentina and Peru. The clothes and shoulder bags she is wearing are handmade from Peruvian cloth. She says that colors keep her going and are a necessity for her, that they have  a sort of healing power. Tomorrow, she said, she might be dressed in a totally different outfit with colors that do not look anything like today's. She is knowledgeable about Chinese medicine, does not use the Internet, does not wish to be close to cameras, which is why she looked up and away.  It is her belief that magnetic waves, whether they come from cameras, the internet, telephones or what not, will prevent her soul from traveling very far very soon.