February 24, 2012

Trip (part 2 of 2)

After the carnival break,  back to Alabama for the second half of a holiday week. In Thomasville, I visited Barbara's charming Antiques store in the downtown area, learned much from a true antiques expert and bought these two small pink art deco bowls, or as they say there, depression glass bowls. They perfectly match a vase from the same period which I already had in our Brussels' home.
Also in Thomasville,  Buford's barber shop offers unique photo opportunities. I had a great chat with the barber and his one client at that time. It was very obvious that they were wondering how someone with a funny accent ended up in Thomasville, AL showing a genuine interest in life there and taking pictures of their picturesque barber shop.

In Mississippi, in a city called Meridian,  I was impressed that the local sheriff did not object to having his photo taken. To the contrary, he was happy to be photographed and did not ask where his picture would end up.
I also wanted to show the colorful fiberglass carousel horses, painted by local artists that are on permanent display with plaques that designate the artist and the sponsor of each horse. The idea behind this open air expo is that art is continuously available to all.