April 23, 2012

Nancy Rossignol, Ambassador of Belgium in Zagreb

                       hoto: courtesy Belgian Embassy, Vladislava Iordanova
Nancy Rossignol is the Ambassador of Belgium in Zagreb, Croatia, shown here at an official ceremony commemorating the Holocaust at Jasenovac,  which is located approximately 120 kms from the capital.
Croatia commemorated yesterday the largest detention and work camp  (1941 – 1945) because it was on April 22, 1945 that out of 1073 prisoners, 600 broke out and barely 100 of them survived the breakout. The remaining 473 who did not attempt to escape were killed or burned, according to reports by Croatian television.
Since March of this year, Belgium is presiding the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education. Hence the important role of the Belgian Ambassador at the commemoration ceremonies.