June 14, 2014

Humans of Belgium

I got the point. Many of you prefer people shots!  So, here goes, ... I met this beautiful young lady in Antwerp while she was distributing sales leaflets to steer people in the direction of a Desigual shop. I forgot her name; at that point, I did not realize that I would post her as the first Human of Belgium.  Had I known then I would have paid more attention.
I assume that all of you are familiar with Humans of New York and its derivatives ... Humans of Sydney, etc.?
I noticed there are plenty of Facebook groups such as Humans of Brussels, Humans of Antwerp ... , but as far as I can tell and to my surprise there is no Humans of Belgium blog yet ... . Shall I completely change philosophy?  It seems so much more time-consuming and labor intensive ... especially when you compare it to my favorite tactic, which is making quick photos from the car (when stopped of course) with a telephone :-).