August 23, 2014

Maryangela, Human of the World.

 I am extremely pleased to introduce Maryangela Gusmao, a Brazilian woman of Belgium. 
I met her at the market a few weeks ago. While I was investigating the quality of the fruits on display, she generously offered advice on which prices were right, what to buy and how to cook it. We talked "mango scampi"... I ended up not only getting mangos but also a new, special friend.  
Maryangela is a colourful woman with an interesting history. She owns La Cantina, a Brazilian restaurant in the touristy central part of Brussels. Needless to say, I tried it out soon after meeting her.  I had a fantastic time: the food was interesting and delicious and I truly enjoyed watching Maryangela in action in the open kitchen. 
After visiting La Cantina, the risk of inviting Maryangela to help me cook a buffet for a large group of invitees, seemed manageable to me. My guests had a blast, everyone loved the food AND the cook. Without ever having put foot in Brazil, I felt transported to a different continent and our house felt and smelled like a colourful Brazilian haven.
My new friend is a writer, an artist, a teacher, a decorator, a reference point for anything and everything Brazilian in Brussels, a poet and a singer. You name it, she does it! Et pas n'importe comment!
Go enjoy a meal at La Cantina and hire Maryangela to cook in her exquisite, exotic way for you and your guests. 
Maryangela Gusmao +32 475615419
La Cantina, cuisine Brésilienne, Rue Jardin des Olives13-15, Brussels, +32 2 513 42 76