September 04, 2014

Jan Decleir

Jan Decleir has such a 'présence' that I would spot him a mile away.. and that is what happened today while I was walking in Antwerp, obviously for this occasion on the wrong side of the road. 
Jan Decleir is one of today's greatest, if not the greatest,  Belgian actors. It is impossible to do him justice in a few sentences. I for instance vividly remember his absolutely brilliant lead role in  the movie Daens. Read Decleirs biography here:
" He starred in Academy Award winning movies as Karakter and Antonia and the Oscar-nominated social drama Daens
In 2003 he had the starring role in the critically acclaimed thriller The Memory of a Killer (The Alzheimer Case) of which the leading American critic Roger Ebert wrote in his review: "Jan Decleir never goes for the easy effect, never pushes too hard, is a rock-solid occupant of his character. Everything he has to say is embodied, not expressed. Talks are under way for a Hollywood remake, but this performance will not be easily equaled. Gene Hackman, maybe. Morgan Freeman. Robert Mitchum, if he were alive. Decleir is the real thing."
For his role in The Barons, he received the Magritte Award for Best Supporting Actor".