October 21, 2014

Roger Brawn shows portraits from rural Normandy

      photo by Els Hattink 

Roger Brawn, an English photographer living in Brussels since 1987 and studying at the RHOK art school in Etterbeek, describes his project "Portraits from rural Normandy" as a project concerning a village in rural Normandy where the pressures of modern life are imposing change on a hitherto mainly agricultural community. The countryside is becoming increasingly urbanised. While farms decrease in number each year and those remaining grow ever bigger and more mechanised, the village is still home to a generation of older inhabitants whose presence is testimony to the earlier tradition of the self-sufficient smallholding.
Frequent guest photographer Els Hattink brought this event to my attention and sent the photo of Roger in front of his work. Thank you, Els!


  1. I would have loved to see this photography exhibit.
    Especially photos of rural Normandy.
    (Is that a Leica around his neck?)

  2. Hallo Anni
    Dat zal het bekijken waard zijn, want Normandië is prachtig.
    Groeten Bets

  3. Dat lijkt me zeer de moeite waard!

  4. dit ziet er zeker interessant uit het lijkt mij meer dan de moeite waard voor een bezoek.

  5. Sembra che i rurali vadano per la maggiore quest'anno, anche quando incendiano i portali qui in Francia. Posso capire il loro problema, ma non sono daccordo sul danneggiare le pubbliche cose. Siamo sempre tutti noi che alla fine paghiamo. Sempre ottimi i tuoi post e scusa il mio sfogo. Un abbraccio.

  6. This kind of "progress" seems all too commonplace. Great happy portrait!