February 07, 2016

L'amour fou

Great hamburger and brunch place in Ixelles, right by the town-hall. I happened to be there for what must have been a menu photoshoot since dozens of delicious dishes disappeared as swiftly as they were presented to the photographer on call.
Cheeseburger with bacon and extra cheese sounds sinful but is Jason's very favorite dish there.
    Address: Chaussée d'Ixelles 185, 1050 Ixelles Phone:02 325 73 53


  1. Mmmm I could just do with a cheese burger with extra bacon right now! Have a good day Diane

  2. not exactly my neck of the woods

  3. Certo che ci fai venire l'acquolina in bocca, ma adesso aspettiamo le foto dei vari piatti. In ogni caso se passo da quelle parti so cosa mangiare. Buona settimana.

  4. L'appareil photo à portée de la main… ça donne une très intéressante photo ! :-)