September 16, 2011


My quest abroad for things and persons connected or related to Belgium was rewarded in the Paris’ metro where you can not miss the Milow posters. Milow might be less known to some than Amélie Nothomb whose books I found exposed in Avignon and in Paris (see posting of September 3), the October concert of Milow receives a fair amount of publicity. Milow or Jonathan Vandenbroeck is a Belgian guitarist and singer. He won the best international newcomer reward in 2009. His story can be found on;


  1. I like his songs, he is a good singer.

  2. Great singer!! have a nice from

  3. Sorry, but I don't like his music. Terrible. A shame for our country... We have Soulwax, Nid and Sancy, dEUS, Geschmäcksverstärker, Christoff and many more!