October 11, 2014


 There is more to Averbode than ice-cream - topic I have touched more than once- as some of you might conclude after reading a previous Averbode post. There is also the new beer called "Averbode", cheese, bread and goodies. 
The abbey was founded in 1134 by Count Arnold II of Loon founded and know. It flourished, grew through the centuries, had its own printing office and published books and magazines ( Zonneland, Zonnekind, Tremplin, Bonjour, Doremi.. ) for the Belgian schools. The abbey was during a long time the motor of the village and surroundings with  "also a school, a harmony, a library and a thespian society. It was the center of Marian-centred pilgrimages, which attracted many visitors and benefited the local shops and bars....
In 1896, the abbey first started with missionary work, when two canons left for Pirapora, Brazil,... A second mission started in 1903 in Denmark, where the abbey founded the parish of Vejle, with a new Roman Catholic school and from 1913 on a hospital...."