July 18, 2017

Belgian Academy of Culture and History

I am delighted to introduce the readers of This is Belgium to a very special  and interesting lady, Mirella Marini.
Mirella is an historical consultant, researcher, author, speaker and founder of the Belgian Academy of Culture and History, she also is a blogger, organizer of events, cultural programs ...
"..... I believe history is the ideal instrument to explain the underlying cultural motives of a people or of a country. It’s important to translate this history into the ‘language of the other’, to bring history from the perspective of the outsider. When these underlying motives, or the Belgian Culture and Identity, are analysed in this way, I believe it will help people to understand Belgium and the Belgians better...".
You can get to know her better, learn about her mission and dreams here

July 07, 2017

Tour de France

Just wanted to show you not everyone is in front of the TV watching the Tour de France.

July 04, 2017

National holiday

                                              photo Els Hattink 
At the occasion of July 4, the American national holiday, I am sending best wishes to all who are celebrating whilst sharing the Belgian Tricolore and  ... a typical refreshment to mark the day.