July 30, 2015

Homeward bound

Paris Nord, waiting for the train to Brussels

July 26, 2015

North Sea delicacy

The small grey shrimp are a real delicacy and also referred to as Caviar of the North Sea or Grey Gold. In Dutch they are called garnalen, in French crevettes. 
It is incredibly time consuming to peel them but still today families gather around the table and engage in the art of peeling in the same way as others do puzzels or play games.
This man in front of Den Huzaar, a restaurant in Bruges, certainly seems to enjoy the job and explained  the importance of using the hands to peel them (as opposed to shrimp mechanically peeled somewhere abroad and shipped back to Belgium). There are fresh as they can be, contain no additives -- they are 100% natural shrimp. 

July 22, 2015

Tongerlo Abbey

I have another tip for you, visitors of Belgium:   the abbey in Tongerlo with its impressive architecture, situated in beautiful landscape,  scene of interesting history, keeper of a 16 century excellent copy of Leonardo's Last Supper. 
Tongerlo is located about 60 km Northeast of Brussels in the Kempen/Campine area in the province of Antwerp. 
A stroll on foot or bike provides you with an opportunity to rest, relax, enjoy and feel revitalized.   

July 21, 2015

July 21

  Happy holiday to all!

July 07, 2015

Rain, finally!

Who would ever have thought that we, the people of Belgium, would be so happy after last week's heat-wave with this refreshing burst of rain?
photo taken rue Maurice Wimotte straat in Brussels' St Gilles. 

July 06, 2015


Sunday morning in Damme, the most picturesque medieval town in the Flemish Polders. 
Church bells ringing, sun out, delicious Rombouts coffee, watching the tractors drive by and looking forward to lunch at Lamme Goedzak ... Is that what's going on in the mind of this couple?

July 02, 2015

Can the bike replace the car in Brussels?

After the installation of the car-free zone in Brussels' center last Monday, visitors and residents alike are looking for alternatives.