July 26, 2015

North Sea delicacy

The small grey shrimp are a real delicacy and also referred to as Caviar of the North Sea or Grey Gold. In Dutch they are called garnalen, in French crevettes. 
It is incredibly time consuming to peel them but still today families gather around the table and engage in the art of peeling in the same way as others do puzzels or play games.
This man in front of Den Huzaar, a restaurant in Bruges, certainly seems to enjoy the job and explained  the importance of using the hands to peel them (as opposed to shrimp mechanically peeled somewhere abroad and shipped back to Belgium). There are fresh as they can be, contain no additives -- they are 100% natural shrimp. 


  1. Räkor in Swedish. I eat them all the time but I never peel them myself.

  2. I love these - and used to have them on the other side of the North Sea on the Norfolk coast too.
    Peeling them in the company of friends and family is part of the treat.

  3. Ik ken Roger, Anni !

  4. Hallo Anni
    Mooie foto van deze man.
    Groeten Bets

  5. geweldig dit blijft hopelijk wel bestaan.

  6. hopelijk blijft dit bestaan ..

    het heen- en terugvliegen van garnalen, is werkelijk bedrog

  7. I don't mind peeling my own schrimps. It is part of the fun.
    My dearly departed farther in law used to catch them.

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