August 31, 2013

Brussels Friday evening ride part I

Thought I'd take you on a short ride with me to downtown Brussels on a Friday evening. I had to drop off my son and was shooting from the car, as those who have visited my site before know is one of my very favorite things to do.
The first picture was taken on Place Poelaert, near the Palace of Justice where rollerbladers and bikers gather every Friday night for the start of the roller parade.
The lasts photos are taken around the "Bourse/Beurs" near the places where people somewhat younger than I like to go out at night. 
I will show you my ride back home in the next posting.

August 26, 2013

Strawberries for sale

A lot of thinking must have gone into the setup of this temporary stand - no way to miss it! Me too, I  stopped and bought fresh strawberries and cherries. The vendors were having an animated discussion. I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

August 25, 2013

It's all about trees

The previous cardboard post somehow got me on the subject of trees, in all forms and shapes.

August 22, 2013

Cool packing

 Love the way this store takes care of its old boxes; it looks like art to me.

August 21, 2013

Steps activity

 I realize these are not the Spanish steps in Rome. Nevertheless, a lot of activity is going on :)

August 18, 2013

Bruges from a different angle

These are a bit different from the regular Bruges tourist shots but today I kind of like to show a road less traveled for a change. Wonder what you think? Disappointing or not? 

August 15, 2013

Relaxing amidst the Brussels monuments

All photographs taken on Place Poelaert, where the Justice Palace is. Wishing everyone a happy  Assumption holiday! 

August 13, 2013

Holiday quiz

 Comparing Bruges to Paris. What do you think? Which is which?

August 11, 2013

Looking at Brussels tonight

Pictures taken an hour or so ago, from Place Poelaert, near the Palace of Justice, glancing over downtown Brussels and Koekelberg a bit further away. The second picture looks over  the Marolles section of Brussels and at the elevator-contraption which takes pedestrians and bikers down.

August 09, 2013

Frederiek Van Pamel, flowers, candles, etc.

In Bruges, the absolutely gorgeous home decor and interior design store of Frederiek Van Pamel, whom you see at the door welcoming the potential shopper, is situated just a few steps from the central square. What got my attention right away? Candles all over the place and of course the magnificent flowers, two things I am totally crazy about. Looking for his references on the internet, I stumbled upon other admirers such as famous chef Sergio Herman who said the following about Frederiek Van Pamel: "as a magical atmosphere with hundreds of candles and a sea of fresh flowers: the entire audience was overwhelmed, no exception.  His shop is a paradise for anyone who wants to be inspired, and for that reason alone it is well worth a trip to Bruges.

August 02, 2013

Guest artist, photographer Eva Winqvist

On the occasion of the hottest day of the year, with temperatures up to 35-37 °C, for us folks who do not live in air-conditioned houses Eva's pictures, taken in winter in Brussels and Ostend, bring cool and fresh feelings
Eva lives and works in Belgium.  She is a Swedish student of photography at the Academy RHoK of Etterbeek (Brussels).