May 12, 2017

Starry starry night


The Last Time That I Saw The Stars
by Jay Harold

The last time that I saw the stars
They spun at record speed
Propelled by popped prosecco
Between roses, buds and trees

The last time that I played guitar
I rocked at record speed
I heard my conscience echo
And its sound was bittersweet

The last time that I saw my crew
We crossed some party lines
With Jack and Hen and Tanqueray
Tequila, salt and lime

The last time that I caught the blues
They faded space and time
I had to run so far away
To get them off my mind

The last time that I lost myself
I knew not where to look
My friends pointed the way for me
But oh, the time it took

The last time that I lost myself
I knew where not to look
And now it’s crystal clear to me
But oh, the time it took

May 10, 2017

Europe by night

European Union headquarters
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat Brussels with the 

May 06, 2017

Let there be light

Two men hard at work finalising the renovation of a grocery store.

May 04, 2017

House of European History

The House of European History is located in the beautifully renovated Eastman Building in leafy Parc Léopold. Its exhibits will be available in all 24 official European Union languages and entrance will be free. Tailored resources will be available for schools, families and groups, offering a fascinating experience for all. More here:

May 01, 2017

The first day of May, revisited

I am kind of sorry to have to revise my original May 1 post because the photo (in its original version), in my option at least, clearly illustrated the May 1 spirit of sending out good luck wishes.
Sunday night I received a request from the person photographed to remove the picture. I promptly obliged, of course.
I did however not receive an answer to my permission request to publish this cropped version.  Let's see what happens .. according to the good old quote "Silence is Acquiescence".. no reaction equals approval.
Does this happen to you fellow bloggers?
original text:
This happy lady on a Brussels' tram last night seeemed to be in the right mood for the long May 1 weekend.
On the first day of May, a holiday (Labor Day), the tradition is  to give a bouquet of  a few Lily of the Valley  (" muguet" in French -  "meiklokje" in Dutch) to mark spring and to wish good luck to your loved ones, family and friends.  
Today, the flowers are everywhere; street vendors offer them at a not so interesting price.. only today, idem in flower shops. They are on tables in restaurants and street cafés,  in peoples hands, hats or hair or in men's lapels.