June 01, 2015

Zarza in Leuven

 There are so many reasons to visit Leuven, the old quaint historic university town. Add to the list of known monuments, university buildings, attractions and touristic spots, a visit to the restaurant Zarza and you are in for an unforgettable treat!
My high school and university friends joined me for dinner at Zarza last Saturday evening. Obviously, there would be so much talking and catching up going on that I did not even think of taking my camera.  Now of course, I regret it, especially to do justice to the "Folie Menu" which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
There is always the phone camera though. 
Our dessert was presented as a typical Belgian dessert: waffles from Brussels, strawberries from Flanders, cheese from Wallonia and sherbet mousse from the three regions to tie it all together.
Bondgenotenlaan 92
3000 Leuven
016 205005