October 10, 2015

Carmela Locantore

If you are near Brussels, go see this monologe,  "21 Rue des Roses", written, directed and performed by Carmela Locantore. A treat!

October 08, 2015

Marc Van Cauwenbergh in Brussels

Last chance: only till October 10
"The work of Marc Van Cauwenberghe combines much of the best of three worlds. An Artist from Ghent, Belgium, who moved to New York City almost two decades ago, Van Cauwenberghe has managed to achieve a highly individual synthesis of processes, forms and ideas stemming from European and American tradition in painting, inflected with an Asian aesthetic ... .." excerpt from the beautiful and interesting catalogue  "Cosa mentale"
Peindre les pensées par Muriel de Crayencour: http://mu-inthecity.com/2015/10/peindre-les-pensees/

Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery

www.mathildehatzenberger.eu / Tél : 00 32 (0)478 84 89 81

Rivoli Building / espace #21b à l’étage
Chaussée de Waterloo, 690 (Bascule)
Entrée Rue de Praetere face au n°43
1180 Bruxelles / Belgique

September 27, 2015

Le plat pays

This little stretch of Belgium near the North Sea  ALWAYS  looks special, even if captured from a car window by phone.

September 18, 2015

Dressing up Cortazar

Julio Cortazar, an Argentinian writer, was born on August 26, 1914, right at the beginning of Word War I in this house on Avenue Lepoutre in Ixelles. His  dad was an Argentinian diplomat. I am wondering whether he would be shocked if he knew how his statue was decorated earlier this evening.