August 18, 2014

Flower carpet Grand Place Brussels by Els Hattink

 I will have no choice but to promote Els Hattink to permanent TiB guest photographer. I am grateful that she sent me these pictures of the bi-annual event which takes place during the Assumption holiday weekend, the  Brussels' Flower carpet. So many pictures have been circulating on the net but these are different because they show the interest and acrobatic manoevers of the public. 
This year  Turkish patterns and 600.000 begonias commemorate the Turkish immigration to Belgium.

August 16, 2014

The King of Cuberdon

At the weekly neighborhood market, I met the owner of a new business. At this point, "le Roi du Cuberdon" does not have a website or business card yet, only a Facebook page.  Indeed, the Cuberdon continues its revival. 
In Dutch it is known as "a neus (nose), in French, chapeau-de-curé and chapeau-de-prêtre (priest's hat).  According to tradition, the recipe of the cuberdon was discovered by chance by the Ghent pharmacist De Vynck in 1873. In order to increase the shelf life of drugs at the time, many were packaged in the form of syrup. When the pharmacist examined a failed preparation after a few days, he found that it had formed a crust, while the core was still liquid. From this discovery came the idea to use such a technique to manufacture candy"

August 14, 2014


Mechelen offers it all, historic sites, idyllic spots in the city and on the waterfront,  a boat trip on the Dyle....
More info here:

August 12, 2014

Brussels' beautiful square

                                                             Brussels' Grand Place. 

August 08, 2014

Galileo in the hospital

A lot of effort has been put into the renovation of the hospital known previously as St Elisabeth, now called Europe Hospital in the southern part of Brussels.
I thought the statue in the entrance hall looked like Kuifje/Tintin while in fact this sculpture "Galileo" by Kostis Georgiou, made in Athens in 2010, shows a scientist observing the sun.
The waiting areas in the various hallways still look pretty hospital-like to me though -- a red chair here and there does not do the trick.  What do you think?

August 03, 2014

Sunday morning in Brussels, random shots

This Sunday morning I left the house without my camera because I had to drive downtown to run a quick errand. The weather, quietness and the skies were so attractive that I could not help but use my phone camera: not every day does one see Magrittesque clouds right over the Magritte museum or hear Hare Krishnas  singing right in front of the Monnaie Opera house.

August 01, 2014


Since the soccer success of the Red Devils the Belgian flag appears or remains (?) in the most unexpected spots like on these construction cranes in Diest... and no I did not take this photograph on July 21, the Belgian national (as opposed to regional(s) ) holiday but in Diest after having visited Giusto Gusto (previous posting).