October 01, 2014

Josaphat Park by Mirjam Devriendt

                                photo: Mirjam Devriendt
If you happen to be in the neighbourhood the coming days, do go check out this exhibition of photographs by Mirjam Devriendt. 
Josaphat Park is a wonderful public part designed years ago, a remainder od "the old Linthout forest that began at Dailly square. It was inaugurated by King Leopold II on June 6, 1904. Its name comes from the resemblance between the valley of the Roodebeek (a tributary of the Maalbeek) where the park is located and the Valley of Josaphat in the Holy Land, noted by a pilgrim back from Palestine in 1574"

September 29, 2014


For years, this is where I got off the train when I went to the Belgian coast. Surprised to see what is left from the train station and wondering what will replace, it if anything.
Update: these photos were taken a while ago. 
And yes, something else took the place of what is gone, I am told.
Will be heading out that way soon to confirm and  share with you.

September 28, 2014

Promo signs

In Brussels' rue Belliard, this Promo Signs guy is contemplating how to tackle the challenge ahead.

September 26, 2014

The Strombeek artists

 Thanks to my friend, artist and photographer Els Hattink whose work and atelier I have shown before, I enjoyed a private tour of the exhibition of her local art club in Strombeek, a yearly event which, so it seems to me, becomes more impressive every time.
This time, it was more special because I met fellow artists Jan Wellens and Lydia Cauwenbergs
Els' work is shown in the last picture
I also was totally taken by the fine and delicate sculptures by Christian Cadelli.

September 23, 2014

In and around Brussels' Grand'Place

Brussels' Grand Place, undoubtedly one of the most photographed spots in town

September 21, 2014

September 20, 2014


Is it this continuous summer weather or the fact that I should  be on a diet .. point is, food is on my mind and I have the urge to share more Belgian goodies.
All kidding aside, whether you visit the Belgian coast, Averbode,  Brussels or all three,  and whether you are a lover of ice cream or not, here are the addresses worth noting down and, unfortunately, I live too close to the one in Brussels to be able to ignore it.
Glacier Zizi in Brussels, rue Vanderkindere, http://glacierzizi.be/fr/news
Coast: Duinbergen and Knokke, glacier Post / de la Poste 
Averbode: lek dreef, see my posting of a few days ago.