January 22, 2015


thank you Graham for the photos

The Hippodrome of Groenendael was built at the end of the 19th century at the request of King Leopold II. The race track was situated in the gorgeous forest de Soignes and once was one of the most beautiful and biggest tracks in Europe. 
I have written about the Forêt de Soignes/Zoniënwoud before. It is located on the grounds of the towns Hoeilaart, Groenendaal, Uccle, Auderghem, La Hulpe, Waterloo, Tervuren...and the perfect outing  for a green excursion close to the Brussels. 
The Racetrack deteriorated and was abandoned, the main building has been demolished and what you see above, the Royal Lodge,  is all that is left now. It seems that restoration will soon be on the way.

January 17, 2015


                                     photos: courtesy of Joseph 
Even though the alert level in Belgium has increased following the Verviers events, the country in the Demerbroeken near Averbode and Zichem in Flanders looks particularly peaceful and colourful this Saturday. 
Thanks, Joseph, for these wonderful Instagram shots.  

January 14, 2015

Traffic free forest so close to center of Brussels

Brussels'  Bois de la Cambre / Terkamerenbos starts at the end of one of its most known avenues, Avenue Louise and ends up in the Forêt de Soignes. It resembles a meander of busy roads and highways during the week.
  A big part of it is closed to traffic during the weekends and people know how to take advantage of this opportunity. The park offers an escape from city life for cycling, walking, skating, hockey, scouting activities and other outdoor pleasures, with  lots of paths, tracks, trails, lakes and fun  things to discover.

January 08, 2015

Je suis Charlie

Darkness fell on the city of light as the world shows solidarity and mourns the victims of the shocking attack on Charlie hebdo in Paris.

January 05, 2015

Looking forward

The curtains are drawn, the chairs stacked.. looking forward to 2015.
May it be a wonderful year for all of you!

December 24, 2014

Seasons Greetings

Best wishes to all ! Happy holidays 

December 17, 2014

rue Blaesstraat Brussels

 As announced, here is the report of my field trip to rue Blaes.  Most stores are open on Sunday. If you are in Brussels and feel like some real or window shopping, do not miss this area, also known as Les Marolles with also has a daily awesome open air market.
"A constant whirl of activity, the popular Rue Haute and Rue Blaes are thronged with the most unexpected bric-a-brac and decoration shops, carefully interspersed with typical and welcoming cafés and restaurants. Lovingly-prepared dishes are served alongside soups and soft cheese sandwiches. The “zwanze” is a must: once you’ve heard an absurd, incredible or surreal story told in the good old brusseleir accent, you’ll have reached the roots of the Marolles. All of this local tradition is further enhanced by the fantastic bric-abrac: the flea market that’s been held every morning for more than a century on Place du Jeu de Balle!"