July 07, 2015

Rain, finally!

Who would ever have thought that we, the people of Belgium, would be so happy after last week's heath-wave with this refreshing burst of rain?
photo taken rue Maurice Wimotte straat in Brussels' St Gilles. 

July 06, 2015


Sunday morning in Damme, the most picturesque medieval town in the Flemish Polders. 
Church bells ringing, sun out, delicious Rombouts coffee, watching the tractors drive by and looking forward to lunch at Lamme Goedzak ... Is that what's going on in the mind of this couple?

July 02, 2015

Can the bike replace the car in Brussels?

After the installation of the car-free zone in Brussels' center last Monday, visitors and residents alike are looking for alternatives.

June 28, 2015


Believe it or not but I was not the only one who had to drive around the roundabout more than once to figure it all out. 

June 26, 2015

End of school year

Many happy and some sad faces at the end of the school year.... some students were so into their report card that crossing the busy intersection at the Koekelberg Basilica looked like a hazardous endeavor.  
Happy summer to all the students! 

June 24, 2015

The white element

And also the sun showed up at the rendezvous in Brussels'  Bois de la Cambre/Terkamerenbos today Wednesday. 

June 23, 2015

Weather and traffic

Just a regular Tuesday afternoon... non rush hour traffic.....in Brussels and, it feel like time to decorate the Christmas tree.