September 21, 2014

September 20, 2014


Is it this continuous summer weather or the fact that I should  be on a diet .. point is, food is on my mind and I have the urge to share more Belgian goodies.
All kidding aside, whether you visit the Belgian coast, Averbode,  Brussels or all three,  and whether you are a lover of ice cream or not, here are the addresses worth noting down and, unfortunately, I live too close to the one in Brussels to be able to ignore it.
Glacier Zizi in Brussels, rue Vanderkindere,
Coast: Duinbergen and Knokke, glacier Post / de la Poste 
Averbode: lek dreef, see my posting of a few days ago.

September 19, 2014

Magritte - Brel - La Mer du Nord

  Jacques Brel and René Magritte are always present at La Mer du Nord. On a sunshiny day like today and the last few days,  life tastes sweet.

September 17, 2014

Ice cream at the Abbey in Averbode

 Averbode is very known in Flanders for several reasons: its gorgeous location in green surroundings,  its abbey which prospered over the years through Brotherhood and printing of educational magazines for schools, and more recently for its Abbey beer and cheese. 
People come to Averbode from all over, by car, moto, bike or on foot, not only for historical or religious reasons.  
On Sunday afternoon the lines at the ice cream trucks are very impressive, maybe even more so than the spire of the Abbey? The drive in the forest where ice cream trucks are lined up has the descriptive name of  "lekdreef",  ("lekken"  meaning "licking").
One way of combining exercise and diet. To each its own.

September 16, 2014

a bit more of the same...

 ..simply because the sun is still here... and I want to prove it to all of you.

September 14, 2014

Sun and fun at the markets

No celebrities crossed my path yesterday, so back to business and usual. As  I had hoped and is often the case, September turns out to a wonderful month weather-wise.  Where I live in Brussels, I am surrounded by inviting markets. The last few years they have developed into socializing opportunities and very often serve as pop up café or restaurant. Todays markets have come a long way from the earlier version where customers found fresh veggies or fish directly catered into Brussels from Ostend or some other place at the Belgian coast.

September 12, 2014

Jan De Cock

 After having the good fortune of being able to post about celebreties like Jan Decleir and Dimitri, I happened to run into  contemporary visual artist Jan De Cock,  yesterday at lunchtime in Brussels.  I hesitated asking him about taking his picture but did not for several reasons.  He seemed rather busy on the phone, I thought he would prefer an incognito lunch  and finally I expected a negative answer. Hence, the phone trick again.
According to his website, he is "considered one of the pioneers of monumental sculptures made in-situ. From his very first sculptures, he has been dealing with the theme of production and with the way an artist relates to the broad, culturally injected concept of modernism... "