March 06, 2012

Belgian beer

Jim and Bob travel to Belgium on a semi regular basis in connection with the beer business. A certain number of years ago, when Jim was a student in Brussels he discovered the delights of Belgian beer. Impressed by the quality and variety of what he found here, after returning to his hometown Austin, Texas, he started a business importing Duvel into Texas. Jim returned last Sunday with his business partner Bob. It was great fun meeting them on the first day of their business journey for pitta and... what else... Duvel and Kwak.

Authentic Beverages CO Inc

3500 Gonzales Street
AustinTX 78702-4017


  1. That is great he introduces the belgian beer in US. Nice picture.

  2. You gotta love Belgian beer!! A certain number of years ago,as a young student in Brussels, I too discovered that wonderful brew. Perhaps the only thing better was a Trappist Chimay beer (#3 - had the higher alcohol content of course) with a little splash of Grenadine. The good life.

  3. Duvel Madame, sounds like a fine French wine, not a Texas beer! :)
    THey look like fun. Sorry I missed it.

    Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear.

  4. 'Kwak' is bijzonder lekker, Anni, maar ééntje is genoeg hé...

  5. It must be a special experience for an American, a Kwak.


  6. An interesting story!
    Maybe we should translate Duvel into English: Devil :-)
    Doesn't that make us proud to be Belgian?

  7. Ze weten welke biertjes er goed zijn, we hebben er in België dan ook veel!

  8. Would you believe it, I managed to visit Belgium and not sample any beer? The first night I was there we had a champagne reception at our conference. The second night we had a big conference dinner with champagne, different wines, and brandy. The 3rd night I just wanted a cup of tea! But itthe beer looked SO good.

  9. Indeed, Biebkriebels

    Lapin Argile, chouette que vous étiez étudiant ici à Bruxelles. Yes, perhaps Trappist Chimay, but I would not know because I have to admit that I am not really a specialist in all the varieties

    Virginia, it is a BELGIAN beer !! exported to Texas and other places.. Merci, nothing super exciting on the Paris agenda though.

    Lies, ik heb nooit een Kwam geproefd. Moet er eens werk van maken na deze post... zo vrees ik.

    Filip, these two men knew a lot about it, believe me. I do not think it is very special to them anymore.;)

    Daar zeg je wat, Jeroen, uit de reacties valt op te merken dat men niet weet wat Duvel betekent. Ik denk wel dat bier potentieel heeft in de zin die jij suggereert ... of het nu in Westvalle of Orval gebrouwd wordt.. maakt niet uit.

    Linda, it is almost funny to come here and only look at beer. As a coffee addict myself, I understand very well how you could crave a cup of tea. On your next visit you just have to try and sip different samples, Duvel, Trappist, Kwak etc etc..

  10. This is just too coincidental... I just got back from Austin last night! I did not have any of their beer, but had a nice selection of local cheeses.

    Have fun in Paris... I'll be there soon!


  11. Hallo Anni
    De Belgische biertjes zijn goed, maar niet te veel.
    Groeten Bets

  12. Ah là là , les dégâts de l'alcollisme !!!! hihi

    Moi je vais en Ecosse cet été, là il parait qu'il y a aussi une boisson régionale à découvrir !

  13. Ciao Anni, mi piace molto la birra belga, e la compero in un negozio bio di qui.
    Un saluto e passo all'altro post.