March 11, 2012

Daniel Kramer, photographer of Bob Dylan

It was a tremendous pleasure to meet Mr. Daniel Kramer, Bob Dylan's photographer during the exhibition in Paris "The Rock Explosion" (1961 − 1966) in the Cité de la musique. Mr Kramer was being interviewed by TV5 and when the interview was finished I decided to speak to him about photographing celebrities and asked if I could take his picture for "This is Belgium". He said he loved Belgium and that his favorite Belgian was...Jacques Brel.
This to me justifies posting about Mr Kramer and Mr Dylan on this blog.
I was reprimanded by the museum guard for getting my i-phone out of my pocket to take a picture because of the sign 'no pictures allowed'.
Mr Kramer helped me out not only by telling the guard that I was photographing Mr Kramer and not Mr Dylan but also by placing himself strategically in front of Mr Dylan's pictures!  He gave me a short photography lesson and told me to take a second picture because he said there was not enough light on his face and too much light on Mr Dylan.
Another music icon, Hugues Aufray,  was  present and telling TV 5 his life's experiences and meetings with Dylan. 


  1. Lucky you!!!
    Greetings from Perú!

  2. How exciting. So much better than the art exhibit that I took my kids to see this weekend!

  3. Hallo Anni,
    Een vriendelijke man die weet wat fotografie betekent. Een goede reactie!
    Il wens je een aangename week,

  4. I didn't know this photographer (maybe because I dont't like Dylan), but I think it must have been interesting to meet him!
    Nice portrait!

  5. What a great story and very nice you could make a picture of him. He was very kind.

  6. Tof, Anni ! Jij komt wel vaker 'grote' mensen tegen !

  7. Lies, t is maar hoe je het bekijkt.. en soms volstaat het deze 'grote' mensen gewoon aan te spreken

  8. How generous of him! And he even has a slightly Dylan-esque look.

  9. een mooie ontmoeting Anni


  10. Hallo Anni
    Wat een geluk als je zulke bijzondere mensen tegenkomt.
    Groeten Bets

  11. What a fantastic experience this must have been!

  12. Dat is een hele eer! Maar fotograaf zijn van een vedette, zal ook niet zo'n makkelijk leven zijn vrees ik.

  13. Bonjour

    Merci pour ces photos et pour le commentaire. Expérience intéressante pour vous ...

    Avez-vous une idée de la diffusion de l'émission sur TV5 ?

  14. how much fun !
    Mr Kramer certainly was very kind and generous to you.. but what else to expect from Bob Dylan's photographer?
    Like the picture, also the one of Mr Aufrey on the top of the stairs

  15. Wow! You were definitely in the right place at the right time, and I am proud that you started a conversation with him. Great shot and how generous of him to give you a pointer... sounds like a good guy.


  16. Anni, nice photo of Mr.Kramer and a great story! His "Bringing It All Back Home" cover always intrigued me...