March 11, 2012

Daniel Kramer, photographer of Bob Dylan

It was a tremendous pleasure to meet Mr. Daniel Kramer, Bob Dylan's photographer during the exhibition in Paris "The Rock Explosion" (1961 − 1966) in the Cité de la musique. Mr Kramer was being interviewed by TV5 and when the interview was finished I decided to speak to him about photographing celebrities and asked if I could take his picture for "This is Belgium". He said he loved Belgium and that his favorite Belgian was...Jacques Brel.
This to me justifies posting about Mr Kramer and Mr Dylan on this blog.
I was reprimanded by the museum guard for getting my i-phone out of my pocket to take a picture because of the sign 'no pictures allowed'.
Mr Kramer helped me out not only by telling the guard that I was photographing Mr Kramer and not Mr Dylan but also by placing himself strategically in front of Mr Dylan's pictures!  He gave me a short photography lesson and told me to take a second picture because he said there was not enough light on his face and too much light on Mr Dylan.
Another music icon, Hugues Aufray,  was  present and telling TV 5 his life's experiences and meetings with Dylan.