March 01, 2012

Knokke, Rubenssquare, statues, tiles, cars, cafés...

I received a few queries about where the previous picture "Walking in style" was taken. The square in Knokke is shown here from different perspectives. Knokke is located at the Belgian coast not far from the Dutch border.  
This square is named after Rubens and is completely covered in tiles of blue and grey shades which give it a special effect. The sculpture in photo1 is by Franz West. 
In summer kids bustle around the pedestrian part of the square in little cars and on bikes, skateboards and skates while parents watch from nearby terraces such as café-restaurant Rubens, shown here inside and outside.


  1. Dat wil ik deze zomer ook eens 'echt' zien, Anni !

  2. Wat een schande, ik ben nog nooit in Knokke geweest maar het ziet er goed uit.


  3. I finally found your blog (sometimes Disqus doesn't link back properly...).

    great pics xx

  4. Wat een mooi plein, de kleur van de stenen en het patroon is zo prachtig.

  5. i love all those square tiles. so beautiful!

  6. j'aime la 1 pour le damier ,belle journée

  7. Très bel effet de carreaux sur la première photo. Splendide.

  8. Nice, I think the 2nd and 3rd picture are extremely good!

  9. Coucou!! merci à toi pour ces explications et photos! j'aime la mer du nord!!!Bisoussssssss

  10. Anni, this looks like a "happening place" with a variety of activity. The color and tiles add to the ambiance of the scene.


  11. Lies, je woont daar toch niet zo ver af!

    Filip, zo'n wereldtrotter, moeilijk te geloven

    Petra, glad you found it ! glad you like the pictures

    Bieb, dankjewel !

    Urban, thanks, happy that a great photographer like you likes them.

    Oui, Jacky, le damier a vraiment quelque chose, je suis tout à fait d'accord.

    Merci, Alain !

    Jeroen, ik zie dat 2 en 3 meer tot jouw genre behoren, bedankt !

    A happening place would be a perfect description, Genie ! thanks

  12. What an interesting special effect with those tiles!

  13. nOtre côte est vraiment devenue artificielle, un long mur de 60 kms de buildings ... c'est un peu triste je trouve ...

  14. Rambling, Janet, you should come see for yourself one of these days !

    Jacques Robert, je vois ce que tu dis .. mais j'aime quand-m^me, je regarde la mer, la plage, les dunes et le plat pays qui suit, au sujet duquel je compte poster qq chose aujourd'hui

  15. Oh, I love the beautiful tiles in the first couple of photos. they are indeed distinctive and must be lovely to see in person.

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