April 15, 2013

Save the Villa Normande from demolition!

                                photo by Hans van der Saag

The "Villa Normande", built in 1923 and located on one of Brussels' most beautiful and prestigious avenues, Avenue W. Churchill, is now threatened with demolition.  The villa is surrounded by a beautiful park and more importantly,  it is one of the last examples of houses that were built at the time when the avenue was created.  Its interior remained intact till today.

The decision makers of the town of Uccle have been asked to decide on  the application by a real estate developer, requesting a demolition permit to build  an 8-floor apartment.

And of course, we here at This is Belgium,  believe this gorgeous, unique and exceptional villa should be saved. The neighbors have united and gathered forces; they want to defend the heritage and the city's history.

The "Commission Royale des Sites et Monuments" had advised already in 2004 that this beauty should be protected but unfortunately, it seems that the villa did not make it to the list of untouchables! 

Will the voices of the neighbors be loud enough to be heard?  If any of you, readers, would like to join this worthy cause and support them, help them fight for this valuable monument, please let the town authorities know and send a mail to the mayor at info@armanddedecker.be and to the person responsible for urban planning,  marc.cools@brutele.be