February 16, 2014

Chocolat mousse with ladyfingers

Our guests and I were trying to figure out last night where the real origin of this charlotte au boudoirs lies. For me of course there was no possible doubt as the mousse is made of Belgian chocolate!
But according to a bit of  research the day after, food historians credit the original charlotte as being English: it refers to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. 
In France a Charlotte Russe is made with ladyfingers just like these but is  filled with cream in reference to a French chef who named it after his employer,Czar Alexander I.
I call it Belgian chocolate mousse in a boudoir circle.
Whatever its origins, or whatever you name it... it is sinfully delicious! Should I mention that I had to mobilize my whole family to make it... someone to hold, someone to pour, someone to taste....there must be tricks or special molds to  make the ladyfingers stand up by themselves, etc... If anyone knows, please tell me!