February 22, 2014

Zurbarán, Master of Spain's Golden Age in Bozar

Wonderful exhibition in Brussels' Bozar, dedicated to Zurbarán. As usual, museum policy is such that I have to show you photos of the location, posters and an excerpt from the catalogue... Nevertheless, and I hope I will be pardoned, I provide a glance into the exhibition space itself because I want you to have a quick peek so you can appreciate how well the dark Bozar walls work for Zurbarán  art. 
You'll find an interesting review in the Financial Times: "Now the Bozar arts centre in Brussels is presenting the first dedicated Zurbarán show to be seen in northern Europe for 26 years, posing the question of whether the newly emphasised qualities in this highly distinctive painter counterbalance or complement the religiosity that still overhangs his work".
There are also other extremely interesting things to see in Bozar at the moment, like Belgium's own great  Michaël Borremans. I will be back with him very soon.