February 26, 2011

Modepaleis and Cathedral

Seen from the junction of the Nationalestraat and the Kammenstraat, the Antwerp Cathedral and het Modepaleis - literally “Palace of Fashion” - give this part of the city a special ambience, even on a dreary rainy winter evening. 
Both are landmarks on the tourist trail and striking reminders of Antwerp’s glorious past and its present renown as a fashion mecca.


  1. Nice shot and perspective. And such a mix of architectural styles!
    I did not know Antwerp was a fashion mecca. In Italy we hear only that Italy is a fashion mecca. :)

  2. Magnifique perspective mais tu prends des risques avec la circulation ! Nous pourrions aller visiter ensemble le palais de la mode ?

  3. Yes Jann, google Antwerp and you will discover that not only Italians know what is fashionable -:). Yann, I hope you saw the name of the blog has changed.
    Oui, Françoise, un photographe doit pouvoir prendre des risques :-). Un trip à Anvers serait fantastique!

  4. Looks like a real nice place. These corners in European cities are absolutely enchanting...