July 12, 2013


I just decided on the spur of the moment to get out of the car and take a short stroll around the Gare du Midi in Brussels, as mostly always camera in hand, looking for typical shots, such as "CafĂ© Europe".  Only, Basilio who had just finished his morning coffee on that very terrace, had something else in mind for me.
He told me his life's story and we became friends in no time.
Basilio was born in Greece and while still at school - he was 17 at the time - working towards a degree in construction. His teacher told him that there was work for him in Belgium, near Mons, in Casteau where the SHAPE headquarters were soon to be built. Basilio came and stayed. After building Shape, he worked for 7 years at what he called the smallest hotel in Belgium, the Hilton hotel on Avenue Louise.
Basilio seems a very happy trooper. He said he is glad to have made his life here, his children are spread over Belgium, a daughter lives nearby and owns a newspaper shop and the other(s).. I don't remember.
SHAPE: http://www.shape.nato.int/shape.aspx


  1. ha, he looks like quite the character :)

  2. Always nice to make new friends :)

  3. Nice to meet someone so interesting.

  4. Hallo Anni,
    Een kleurrijk personnage!
    Prettig weekend, Frans

  5. What a character! He is right to be so proud of the life he has made.

  6. die heft het hier duidelijk naar zijn zin...

    prettig weekend

  7. Toffe Griek, zoals veel van hen, Anni... !

  8. I think he took a liking to you .....or maybe he was lonely. On second thought I bet he never meets a stranger!