March 31, 2014

Save Art Deco Architectural gems in Forest, Brussels

Constantin Meunier Square in Forest/Vorst Brussels (© Saskia Vanderstichele)
Remember the Villa Normande? and the Castle of Noisy? This is Belgium joined the neighbors who acted in defense of the heritage to save the buildings from demolition.   Both are still there...not that we claim any credit , but still ... 
We are happy to have brought their cause to your attention.

Today, TiB  leaned about another valuable project and would like to support the Committee of  neighbors of Square Constantin Meunier,  an architectural treasure in Brussels' suburb Forest/Vorst, whose beauty and integrity is threatened by a real estate project.

According to the author of the article in Brusselsnieuws (unfortunately only available in Dutch)  the local town administration will look into the file this coming Tuesday. Let's hope that, also this time, the voices of the people of the neighborhood will be heard so that they will be able to preserve this beautiful square with all of its art deco buildings in its original gorgeous state of surroundings! 

See the article in Dutch on:
On the Villa Normande:
On the Noisy castle:


  1. een onbekend deel van Brussel, voor wat mezelf betreft..

    je foto van gisteren was "schitterend Anni


  2. Oh, yes! I do hope the people will be heard!! Too much of all of our history is being destroyed these days! Great capture for the day!!

  3. Mooi gebruik van scherpte diepte.

  4. It's a lovely neighborhood. I hope they will protect it. You have framed this photo so perfectly! You should submit it for this group to use in advertising, I think.

  5. je geeft mij altijd meer het gevoel in de zomers Brussel een bezoekje te brengen. Met de trein is het goed te doen.
    Groetjes, Dietmut

  6. La défense d'une place ? Attention, à Istanbul cela a commencé comme çà.