August 23, 2014

Maryangela, Human of the World.

 I am extremely pleased to introduce Maryangela Gusmao, a Brazilian woman of Belgium. 
I met her at the market a few weeks ago. While I was investigating the quality of the fruits on display, she generously offered advice on which prices were right, what to buy and how to cook it. We talked "mango scampi"... I ended up not only getting mangos but also a new, special friend.  
Maryangela is a colourful woman with an interesting history. She owns La Cantina, a Brazilian restaurant in the touristy central part of Brussels. Needless to say, I tried it out soon after meeting her.  I had a fantastic time: the food was interesting and delicious and I truly enjoyed watching Maryangela in action in the open kitchen. 
After visiting La Cantina, the risk of inviting Maryangela to help me cook a buffet for a large group of invitees, seemed manageable to me. My guests had a blast, everyone loved the food AND the cook. Without ever having put foot in Brazil, I felt transported to a different continent and our house felt and smelled like a colourful Brazilian haven.
My new friend is a writer, an artist, a teacher, a decorator, a reference point for anything and everything Brazilian in Brussels, a poet and a singer. You name it, she does it! Et pas n'importe comment!
Go enjoy a meal at La Cantina and hire Maryangela to cook in her exquisite, exotic way for you and your guests. 
Maryangela Gusmao +32 475615419
La Cantina, cuisine Brésilienne, Rue Jardin des Olives13-15, Brussels, +32 2 513 42 76


  1. What a wonderful and delicious find! I love your story about this remarkable woman and your new-found friend. Another perk from blogging and photography!!

    1. thanks, Kate,
      I should remember this every time I wonder whether I should/should not keep up blogging.
      I equally enjoyed your today's post.

  2. Great post.
    Thanks for sharing your discoveries!

  3. Looks like an interesting lady.


  4. Hallo Anni,
    Een echte personnlijkheid, deze dame!
    Waren er zo maar meer :-)
    Prettige zondag,

  5. jij komt ook op vele verschillende plekjes en maakt kennis met alle types personen. Prachtig is dat toch. Fijne zondag, Dietmut

    1. dank je Dietmut, het is een voordeel en voorrecht om in Brussel te wonen, dan kom je automatisch de ganse wereld tegen.
      ook voor jou een fijne zondag!

  6. Brussel, een multi- culturele stad..

    en gelukkig maar

    fijne zon-dag

    1. agree, Willy
      nog steeds zon in Brussel,
      hoop bij jullie hetzelfde

  7. Oh what a treasure to meet such a talented woman

  8. I think, I'll do your advice. Is the restaurant open on Sunday?



  9. An amazing portret of this great woman!