February 17, 2015

Carnival in Binche and Aalst

Carnival in Belgium is a feast for participants, bystanders and photographers. 
I did not make it this year and dug into the archives to show you examples of past celebrations in both Wallonia and Flanders.
Binche, home of the Gilles who march through town on the beat of drums in their typical costumes, carrying baskets of oranges which they throw at the public watching the parade.  The yellow mimosa flower is also typical for the Binche carnival.
Aalst (or Oilsjt in the local dialect) where Prime Minister Michel participated yesterday in the ritual of throwing onions - replaced in recent history by candy- into the public.
To avoid any misunderstanding, there is a lot of ambiance all over the place and carnival in Belgium is not just about throwing things at people.


  1. Ormai il carnevale impazza in ogni luogo. La settimana scorsa l'angelo che dà l'avvio del carnevale a Venezia è sceso dal campanile di San Marco. Bel post e buon proseguimento di settimana.

  2. It is important to have regularely a "mad day" like the Carnaval where rules, social classes and conviniences are forgotten in order to have a collective festia!

  3. Een stukje fotografie naast het carnaval. Mooi.

  4. Orange ou oignon, cela doit faire un peu mal ! En Espagne (à moins que ce soit en Italie), il y a un village où l'on jette des tomates trop mures.

  5. Hallo Anni,
    Jammer dat je het gemist hebt... volgend jaar beter ;-)
    Prettig weekend,

  6. Hallo Anni
    Ja carnaval is en blijft een prachtig feest, om naar te kijken en aan deel te nemen.
    Groeten Bets

  7. ik ben jaren geleden in Aalst op de carnaval geweest, toen woonde ik nog in Antwerpen. Fijne zondag Annie, Dietmut

  8. Anni that first shot is a classic, two wonderful characters :)

  9. Anni that first shot is a classic, two wonderful characters :)

  10. You find the most amazing delights. I can just imagine the smells as you wander through this stunning landscape. It looks like a movie!
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