December 30, 2015

Baracca, new restaurant in Leuven

 "Baracca," a two month old restaurant in Leuven, offers a relaxed but stimulating and interesting dining experience with fresh, natural flavoured food that can be shared if you so wish. It is  inspired by the savoury simplicity of Italian cuisine. First time visitors receive a warm welcome and an enthusiastic explanation of what's cooking from appealing Pasquale Amoruso (Kiko) and lovely Anastasia Mironenko (Ana). The atmosphere when I was there was warm, engaging and pleasantly chaotic, and the food was delicious -- so much so that we ordered seconds of our favourites.
"Baracca wants to relive the authentic spirit and conviviality of homecoming by serving homemade woodoven pizzas that are best enjoyed in good company."
A few years ago I wrote about Franco, chef at Pepenero, a restaurant in Leuven at two steps from Baracca: 
After a chat with Kiko and Ana, I learned that Franco is Kiko's  dad. The world is small but there is something there that is in the genes ...
I hope they will keep up the excellent job and wish them great success. I will certainly be back there soon to share the experience with family and friends.

Muntstraat 29
3000 Leuven
phone 016/902560 

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