March 22, 2016

Beautiful Brussels

Our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims.
#all together for a better and safer world!


  1. Thankful you are ok. My heart breaks for all who were injured or killed and fro your country.

    1. thanks you Virginia!
      what a day! so sorry for the family and friends of the victims.
      I appreciate your concern, all will be well

  2. I am sorry that there is so much hate in this world and that Belgium has been targeted by violent people! I hope that your country, city, and people can be freed from this menace so it can be enjoyed as "Beautiful Brussels!"

  3. Hey, I'm launching a blog about Belgium and am making a list of others who are blogging about Belgium too, like you. I can't seem to find information about you via your profile, would you mind sharing that info with me in a line or two? Thanks! Tine

  4. We are shocked, upset and so sad. My heart aches for all those innocent victims and their family. Nous sommes tous solidaires et pleurons avec Bruxelles, la belle.

  5. From Scotland, our hearts are with the Belgian people. I am recently back from a wonderful few days in Antwerp, and I will return in the future. I refuse to give in to hate and fear. Wishing you courage and peace.

  6. Prayers for all of you now, and in the days to come. Be safe.

  7. Des pensées pour vous et pour la Belgique. Sans mot et sans voix !