September 14, 2016

Red Star Line museum in Antwerp

Can you imagine what these people must have felt when they saw the Statue of Liberty from the Red Star Line ship? The museum opened in Antwerp in September 2013 and I enjoyed my first visit there a few weeks ago.  
"Between 1873 and 1935 the Red Star Line shipping company transported almost three million people from Antwerp to America and Canada. The buildings of the Red Star Line still exist (although in very bad shape). They are located in Antwerp near the Scheldt (river), from where the ships set off on the transatlantic voyage. It remains a place of remembrance, a "lieu de mémoire" for the millions of emigrants who set out for a new life in the States via Antwerp".


  1. a visit to the red star should be compulsory. Than, maybe we could all have a little bit more compassion today.

    1. so very true, Chris
      I appreciate you being a regular visitor of TiB even though TIB has not been so very regular itself.

  2. This fine museum documents the largest movement of people in history. Chris is correct. Our world needs more compassion.

  3. je laat ons heerlijk mee genieten

  4. Ciao Anni, la prima foto rappresenta proprio gli emigranti (tra cui una buona parte di italiani) che si recavano in America in cerca di una vita migliore che non sempre trovavano.
    Complimenti per il post e buona serata.