November 03, 2017

The Raft, conversation with Ostend

I have not yet seen this exhibition but glimpsing through the splendid catalogue has me all convinced... till April 15,2018. 
"The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely’ is not only an exhibition, but also a conversation with Ostend, the City by the Sea with its own distinct history and scent. The baseline of the dramaturgy of Mu.ZEE’s exhibition, which will be presented in various locations spread across the Belgian seaside resort, is the thorough research conducted into ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ (1818) by Théodore Géricault and Jan Fabre’s utopian raft ‘Art is (not) Lonely’ (1986). Although there is an unmistakable 170-year time difference and a completely different historical origin, both works tie in with each other thanks to their visualisation of the expedition and the destination of the artist, which is a theme acting as a metaphor of the condition humaine.


  1. Looks like a worthwhile trip to see. Hope all is well Diane

  2. Ciao Anni, è un pezzo che non vengo a trovarti ma piccoli problemi di salute (non gravi) mi hanno impedito di visitare i miei follower anche se non vengono a loro volta. Una volta facevo il giro completo almeno ogni due settimane. Le foto sono belle ma la mia scarsa conoscenza dell'inglese mi impedisce di gustare in pieno i tuoi post. Parlo e posso corrispondere, a parte l'italiano naturalmente, in francese e tedesco. Un amichevole abbraccio.

  3. Mooie eerste Oostende foto.