October 19, 2011

From Florida to Brussels by Eric Adrien

Books, bookstores and coffee are some of my many favorite things .... so, obviously, one day, I had to run into Eric and his Forewords coffee shop in front of Brussels' Waterstone's.
Eric's story is interesting. After growing up in Florida, Eric went to Germany with a Fulbright grant as an English language assistant and he worked as a high school teacher.  He left Germany for Belgium to study at the University of Kent in Brussels, where he met his Dutch girlfriend.
Visa problems in the Netherlands led him to set up his own company in Brussels. He first worked as a journalist, focusing on the European Parliament. After a while, he transformed his company into what is now Foreword's Coffee shop because he enjoys the combination of books and coffee. Because the car and coffee service are moveable, he can be either in front of or inside the bookshop. 
He is seen here with his helper and his most regular and loyal customer. 
According to Eric, every good book should begin with a cup of coffee.  That makes sense to me.  He explains his vision on www.forewords-coffee.com