October 07, 2011

Exotic sun

Advertising a "Promo Special Halloween" or offering a subscription to artificial sun rays, these girls chose, I am afraid, the wrong day for their stunt. It was the last lovely warm sunny day... I had the impression that there was no interested public around as everyone was intensely enjoying the natural available sun, with friends on a terrace or on escapades in the forest or just plainly being outside.  


  1. Lovely girls! Maybe a bad moment for their promotion thing, but you made a nice shot, so that's also important...

  2. I do love your sunshine!! Could use some of that here in Seattle today! Have a great weekend!


  3. The sun has gone now, but it was a great indian summer the last two weeks.Just what we needed.

  4. enjoy you last warm day,and go on posting caps as the twins

  5. Groovy and frightening outfits!

  6. Well, perhaps their timing was off a bit, but they enhanced the brightness of the day... great capture.


  7. Ciao Anni, una passata veloce per dirti che non ti dimentico. Ma Allowen non cade il 31 ottobre? Forse ho capito male perché non conosco molto bene l'inglese. Conosco tre lingue salvo sua maestà la lingua britannica (lol). Buona serata.

  8. Bedankt Jeroen en Bieb ! Ik vrees dat het die dag de laatste echte zomerdag van het jaar was.

    Thank you Sylvia. If it can comfort you, sun is gone here now also !

    Milan, glad you like the twins.

    Loach, this is a funny comment .. I see what you mean by 'frightening'.

    Thanks Genie, true, we are always in favor of enhancing brightness.

    Elio, devo spiegare : non ha niente da fare con Halloween, che cade in effetto il ultimo giorno di ottobre. Queste due ragazze errano li per fare pubblicità per i bancs solaires !! otra cosa, no?

  9. D'accordo Anni, ma, come ben sai, le traduzioni di Googol non è che siano eccezzionali. Purtroppo io me la cavo in tre lingue, ma non in inglese dove sopperisce mia moglie. Ma non posso ogni volta chiamarla per tradurmi i vari post o commenti in inglese.
    Buona serata.