October 16, 2011

Where is my dino?

Driving a paper dinosaur at the back of a bike through a pedestrian shopping street in Brussels seems to have achieved its objective of getting people's attention...

I am grateful to "lapommeduverger" who sent the link to the website www.whereismydino.be because it appears that the purpose of the dinosaur walking around the streets of Brussels was not really, as I was told by people watching the phenomenon, to advertise the dinosaur exhibition in the Museum of Natural Sciences.  Instead, the dinosaur invites people to send comments, reactions and photographs relating to the subject of "administrative hassle" in the Brussels region.  
The link with the museum remains, because the contest promises tickets to this wonderful museum with its  "large dinosaur gallery which emphasizes science and authenticity.  With the famous iguanodons of Bernissart and lots of new dinosaur skeletons and casts as well as interactive exhibits and an on-site paleontology and geology laboratory for children."