October 27, 2011

Tintin (-mania?)

Tintin-mania all over the place and not only in Brussels where last Saturday, October 22,  Steven Spielberg came by for a visit at the occasion of the world première of his film... and then there was the inauguration of the new statue,  the Thalys train recoated with Tintin took Spielberg to Paris ...and today,  Time magazine shows Tintin on its cover and offers seven pages to " It's Tintin Time!"
A reader of Patricks blog (http://lescoinsdebruxelles.skynetblogs.be/) commented: " j'en ai deja une indigestion de ces fêtes tintinophilesques"...I believe this quote speaks for itself, put a bit strongly, maybe?
This being said, also I thought I had no choice but to head for downtown Brussels to snap the new and already famous bronze statue of Tintin and Snowy...wondering how many today remember that this boy started out in Hergé's Belgian comic strip in 1929!