February 22, 2011

Tunnel, trees, trunk

A true jewel and somewhat of a hidden treasure, not very far from downtown Brussels.
The pedestrian tunnel connects the Solvay Park (named after Ernest Solvay   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Er#3CD9C3) to the magnificent Forêt de Soignies with its century old trees.
The castle is hidden behind huge beech trees.
A sign near the cut trees reads “zone de protection”, “beschermde zone”, a reference to careful nature preservation policy. 


  1. Ciao Anni, questo tunnel sembra la via d'accesso ad un meraviglioso mondo incantato!
    Buona giornata!

  2. è vero e tanto ben detto, Sciarada.. un buona giorante anche per te !

  3. ik had je titel in het Nederlandse gelezen, en snapte even niet waarom meisje trees van de partij was. Mooie foto's trouwens,

  4. doet me plezier dat je af en toe een bezoek brengt aan belgiumswings, Chris!