May 29, 2011

Dogs in the city

The resemblances are striking, aren't they?


  1. That is amazing! You have quite a good eye to catch these two, uh... these 4!


  2. Yes you're right, specialy the first photo. The woman almost is a "bulldog". How is it possible.

  3. Nice series... Reminds me of a series Sylvia Konior made (see

    Oh ja, ik had het meisje, een toevallige passante, gevraagd te poseren. Is genomen op de d├ęsordre tentoonstelling aan centraal station...

  4. hee hee that is so true. I have heard of this before that owners and dogs get to resemble one another and you have proved it here.

  5. Thank you Winchester.

    Genie, this coming from you, I consider it a great compliment.

    Biebkriebels, oei, dat zou ik niet durven zeggen...

    Thanks Jeroen for introducing me to Sylvia Konior. Je hebt een excellent model uitgekozen voor je 'd├ęsordre' foto.

    Yes, Antares, quite remarkable, isn't it?

    Diane, that is what they say.. I also have heard it many times but I do not want to take the responsibility for proving the point (ha ha)