May 19, 2011

Up and under

The South Train Station in Brussels, Bruxelles-Midi - Brussel-Zuid, is an important "local" station but also the place where most international train travelers arrive, sort of a "hub" for the Eurostar, the Thalys and for other international trains as well.
The first picture shows the Subway station, the second is the view the traveler gets leaving Brussels.


  1. mooie foto, het Zuid-station in al zijn bovengrondse goorheid. Vraag me altijd af wat buitenlandse bezoekers die voor het eerst Brussel aandoen, hiervan moeten denken! Vooral als ze na aankomst ook nog eens te voet hun hotel willen zoeken.

  2. Ja Jeroen, dat zal wel ;-)

    Chris, very true. I wish this station would look more inviting and attractive .. as it is now, it is not a very welcoming sight for those who arrive in Brussels for the first time.. (as well as for regulars)

  3. I guess a huge number of people must travel through there each day.

  4. Indeed, Loach, many do !
    Thanks Pat