November 13, 2011

Two chefs

These two men are chefs of restaurants in the Muntstraat, Leuven. When shooting people, I often explain why I take their photograph, ask if they have any objection appearing on my "This is Belgium" blog and whether they have a suggestion or preference as to what the text should say.
These two said that the text should say simply " Friends". It was not until I was in front of my computer that I noticed that Kwinten's eyes were closed, which is why I add a solo picture of him.
Kwinten De Paepe is the chef of restaurant Trente. I had heard of him before because his cuisine has a solid reputation. Kwinten received the Flemish Primitives Motivation Award for Young Promising Chef. His restaurant has been described as a culinary delight, and Kwinten wants to set trends in cuisine and have others copy him, instead of the other way around. 
His friend Franco is the chef at Italian restaurant Pepenero across the street. Pepenero is the successor to Da Tonio, which for many years was an "institution" for locals and students in Leuven.  From my experience Pepenero is certainly a worthy successor.