December 22, 2011

Belgian cowboys in Colombia

I plucked this photo, named "Belgian cowboys" by its unknown maker, from the above website, which relates the story of two adventurers who embarked at the end of October on a trip around the world. One of the adventurers is my son. The trip has so far taken them to Nicaragua, the USA (California), Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

Also on their blog I found this picture of what they described as "Belgian Government". It was taken just before the end of the 541 day period during which Belgium was government-less (and had only a "caretaker" government).


  1. You must be very proud of your belgian cowboy! They both seem very much in control.

  2. Chris, thank you very much, but appearances can be deceiving... Our horses only seemed to calm down for photo opportunities!

  3. What an exciting trip for your son! I took a trip across the U.S. once, but around the world?! Wow!

  4. Wahw ! Boeiend, Anni !

  5. A Belgian cowboy your son ! how nice ! Now that we finally have a government, there is strike !

  6. hi there! If your friend needs any further info she can contact me. :) happy holidays!

  7. Hallo Anni
    Leuk dat je ook een beetje van dit Belgie laat zien..
    Groeten Bets

  8. Belgium is famous for its government even in the smallest countries.


  9. I hope you are right, Chris.. on the "control" part.

    Yes Judy, pretty exciting, I agree.

    Inderdaad, Lies.

    Gattina, only half Belgian.. and half a cowboy too, I guess ;-)

    Thanks, Mosaicology

    Ja, Bets, t mag wel eens iets anders zijn!

    Filip, I guess you saw a lot of that also

    Everyone, appreciate very much your visit and comments. Keeps me going. Thanks

  10. T'is als je jong bent dat je je dromen moet waar maken!
    Zeker een onvergetelijke ervaring voor de twee kompanen.

  11. Un très joyeux Nöel à toi, ainsi qu'à tes proches.

  12. Wat bijzonder dat je zoon zo'n tocht maakt,en dan meteen de hele wereld. Avontuurlijk hoor, je zal hem wel missen zo lang...

  13. Merry Christmas! I had the great pleasure of reading your son's and his friend blog.Thank you for the link. I will take me some time to read all the blog but I was thrilled to read about Medellin. By the way you always make great pictures.

  14. Frans, dank voor je commentaar. ik ben ervan overtuigd dat het een unieke levenservaring is en voor altijd speciaal zal zijn voor hen.

    Jacques Robert, un très grand merci et vice versa.

    Ja, Bieb... avontuurlijk, dat zeker... maar natuurlijk wordt hij heel hard gemist hier ten huize.

    Lapommeduverger, I am delighted that you enjoy reading about my son's travels and I appreciate your compliment very much.

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