August 14, 2012

Essentiel, a Belgian brand

There are a zillion fashion blogs out there and when I started "This is Belgium" I thought it would be intelligent to leave anything fashion related up to those who are more qualified to talk about it than I am. 
I do want to make an exception though for Essentiel, a Belgian clothing brand with shops in various cities over the country. The above pictures were taken in the shop on Brussels's fashionable Avenue Louise. The sales girls are and look fantastic. Another reason why I like this shop is that they decorate the store with books, photography books... 


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. This shop is so pretty and designed really well - like a chic lady's home and closet. Great photos!

  2. A young cousin's wife has a boutique in Ghent...I'll ask her if she stocks this brand.

  3. Ik hou van de kleurtjes in de eerste foto.

  4. This is a fantastic looking shop. I love the bright colors the girls are wearing, the books and photography. I could do some serious shopping in there. HAH :)

  5. Ciao Anni, un bellissimo negozio, mi piace l'idea che per decorarlo usano libri e fotografie, molto bello. Super la foto delle due ragazze, mi piace tantissimo. Non so se domani in Belgio è festa, se è festa anche per voi ti auguro un buon Ferragosto. A presto.

    1. grazie Antonella
      anche in Belgio c'é la festa domani, ma non si chiama Feragosto :)
      ti auguro un stupendo dia !

  6. Een echte aanrader zo te zien @->--

  7. Dit lijkt me een prachtige winkel en wat leuk die fotografieboeken!

  8. Terrific shop, Anni! I, too, love the colors, the books and photography! I could definitely enjoy some hours there!

  9. I would love to shop there. Maybe someday!

  10. I'm proud of this brand. It 'must have' brand for every family. Support belgian economy!



  11. het lijkt me een leuke winkel en de meiden zijn ook heel vriendelijk. Leuk als een zaak probeert meer te maken als allen kleding op een hanger.
    Groetjes Dietmut

  12. Mooie winkel in elk geval.
    Tja, de Av Louise, high end.

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