January 27, 2013

Happy birthday Flagey!

I am a "Flagey" fan. The 'steamboat' is a special landmark and institution in my Brussels' city district, Ixelles.

The Flagey building has a rich 75 year history and celebrations are well on the way. It was the former home to the National Institute for Radio Broadcasting, and is very much appreciated today for its exquisite acoustic proprieties. Contrary to what I've read here and there, Mr. Flagey was not the architect of the building - he was the mayor of Ixelles from 1935 to 1953.

I already mentioned the anniversary celebration when talking about Amos Oz' visit. Here are a few birthday shots, with the swinging Matthew Herbert Big Band in action as the closing concert of the Winter Jazz Festival.
 "At the end of 1933, a competition was organised that was won by the Belgian architect Joseph Diongre. His design combined architectural innovation with the strictest acoustic and technical requirements. The most original aspect of the project was the fully-fledged status accorded the public, which was clearly expressed in the building's architectural elaboration. The architect also paid particular attention to detail, the materials used and had furniture designed that was specially adapted to the building. Thanks to the simplicity and pragmatism inherent in his design, between 1935 and 1938 Diongre was able to build the much-needed “sound factory”, one of the first broadcasting buildings in Europe. From the moment of its inauguration, the steamboat won international acclaim. The inherent qualities of the studios (especially Studio 4) were praised throughout the world and attracted the most prestigious musicians of the century (classical, contemporary and jazz) for concerts and festivals as well as for recordings".


  1. Ciao Anni, è molo interessante. Scusa se ultimamente sono passata poco di qui. Buona domenica pomeriggio.

  2. Hallo Anni,
    Een indrukwekkend gebouw typisch voor de 30er jaren. Het bleef gelukkig van de sloophamer gespaard toen de BRT-RTB naar hogere regionen verhuisde!
    Groetjes, Frans

  3. Looks like a great concert, Anni, I always enjoy going to them whenever I can, particularly one like this! Hope you've had a great weekend!

  4. What a great architecht.....where is his like today!

  5. Inderdaad een heel mooi gebouw.

  6. I'm also a fan of the square. Every day I drive to work that way, recently I did some photos, I will publish them on my blog. happy 75 Birthday Place Flagey :)

  7. Héérlijk, Anni, voor alle 'Flagey'fans !

  8. heerlijke akoestiek..naar het schijnt..

    prettige dag

  9. hallo, ik doe nog even een rondje langs de fotoblogs alvorens een maandje te 'verdwijnen'. zaterdag vertrek ik immers met husband voor 3 weken naar Colombia, waar we een auto zullen huren en rondtoeren! Moet dringend beginnen met valiezen pakken!
    hartelijke groetjes, Hilde

  10. Hallo Anni
    De Flagey fans zullen van de foto's genieten.
    Groeten Bets

  11. C'est vrai qu'il a un petit air de paquebot.

  12. leuke weergave Anni, Groetjes Dietmut