December 14, 2014

Sunday morning Place Brugmann Brussels


  1. Prachtig beeld van een zondagmorgen in December maar de spullen naast de container zetten kunnen wij nog beter.
    (in holland)

  2. I have been looking at all your wonderful photos that I have missed by being away from my blog for awhile. I really enjoyed your beautiful encounter with Santa Claus, and all the pigeons in another photo. I also wonder what horse milk taste like or if it is good to use in baking? I’d like to be in Place Brugmann this morning instead of here in Georgia. But it is OK, 9:00 am already, I bought some croissants from the French bakery and will go down and make coffee. It is sunny and should get to 15 C (about 60 degree F.) this afternoon.

  3. rustige zondag morgen en ik zie de kerstboom verkoop staat er ook al. Groetjes en fijne avond, Dietmut

  4. Very calm and quiet.
    I'm in Brussels today, it is like a ghost town.
    Very little people, hardly any traffic.

  5. leuke beelden! maar de echte kerstsfeer hang er nog niet helemaal in de lucht ;-)