April 06, 2011

Sisters on way to theater?

Since I enjoyed talking to these two ladies in the Paris' metro, I thought I would post their picture here anyway even though they have no link with "This is Belgium".  They were counting the number of stops they still had to go, so I know they were on their way to the Bastille. I did not see any relationship when I took the picture but now I wonder whether they could be sisters?


  1. I too have looked at your blog and followed!
    I remember being in belgium when I used to work with Craig Morrison Design, The spikey bag man. I had so many fantastic times there. the people were always really lovely and looking at your blog makes we remember wonderful things!

  2. Hi, tanks comentary, kisses!!!

  3. J'aime les portraits de personnes de la rue. Quelque chose de magique chez les gens simples.

  4. Jaqueline and Isabelle are lovely, elegant Parisiennes!
    Bonjour d'EAGAN daily photo

  5. You think about the subjects like I do... always wondering about "the story" behind the faces.

    I think you are right... sisters.


  6. Thank you Helen Booth and Top Graf.
    Yes, Pierre, Leif ad Genie... wouldn't it be awesome if suddenly Jacqueline and Isabelle send a comment saying "hi, we are sisters indeed". The chance of that is very little though since they were not familiar with the concept of a blog !
    Bonne journée à tous et à toutes.

  7. Hi there

    I think they look like sisters too:):) and your blog is great...

    Olga from http://revedoa@blogspot.com

  8. love your blog ... great mix of things and I love the 'street photography you do - havn't seen it before in a blog - very inspiring!